“ARTHA”, a vision of one mind’s dream to break through every barrier in the granite industry has today made its presence in the vast world of stone. Ignited by a spark of thought from our visionary founder Mr. Jiva Rajasankara, and spearheaded by his son Mr. Senthilathiban Rajasankara and Mr. Thuraisingam Rajasankara, today “ARTHA” has become a common name in the World Stone Industry. With an aim of redefining the possibilities in stone and a dream of giving mankind the best of granite, “ARTHA” caters to the human needs of beauty and utility at its best in the galaxy of stone craft. We try our best, the very best indeed, to give you the best. This, we believe is not a statement of words but a commitment of dedicated souls.

To make this possible, a unique team of hearts work behind this ethereal corridor of magnificent craftsmanship. It’s a conglomeration of expert artisans, qualified sculptors and experienced talents. For all of these wonders, we greatly appreciate and thank the dedicated craftsmen who contribute to our crown of granite expertise.

Creative designs developed by the design centre of “ARTHA” use sophisticated technologies to arrive at the best aesthetically sound design, without missing the traditional elements and architectural norms. Using the state of art scientific gadgets and designing with the world’s best graphic design machines- "The Apple Mac's" super computers, transferring ideas into creative visuals just takes split seconds.  This graphic design edge gives us the most productive design concept at the shortest possible time.

Innumerous endeavours have been explored and many permutations and combinations calculated to cater for today’s need of the stone world. But in the vast ocean of competition, we believe we have a product range and a craftsmanship quality, uniquely different from others. Further, our primal focus is executing exceptional custom-made order to the utmost perfection. From miniature works to massive monolithic carving, we have the expertise and technical know how to carve the most complex jobs and serve the client with in the most cost-effective way. This is ARTHA!

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