Just eighteen kilometers from Bangalore, the Silicon City of India, in a serene green atmosphere,
arise sweet notes of metal conversing with stone. Here, in such a pleasant environment, lies a little
know granite unit, rather a multi-faceted carving village. Chiseling out pieces of stone since the past decade and half, little was known that one day this effort would bloom into a strong identity in the stone world. Aesthetics speak for itself and art unfolds its rhythm as every inch of granite is carved into manifold creations. “ARTHA”, some say it’s a ‘crafts centre’ and some say it befits a ‘sculptural college’, an individual experience left to the be seen.

Wealth in Sanskrit means “ARTHA”. It’s a respect to the commitment we have to our clients; to give them in return a valuable asset. Truly we believe that every piece of work leaving our worksite is an asset, a wealth, an “ARTHA” in your hands.

A visit to “ARTHA” is a unique experience in stone. Yes, an expedition is the correct idiom to speak about our nature of work. Every chip of stone chiseled, paves way to monumental creations, a herculean process of taming large blocks of stone and grooming them into fine pieces of art.

We are here to redefine the possibilities in stone! Name it in stone and we will deliver it to you. If you have the will we definitely have a way. Well, a true believe on us will certainly invest a wealth, an “ARTHA” in your hands. Welcome to the magical world of “ARTHA”, and experience stone in its epitome of creation!

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