Our specializations in relief sculptures include traditional motifs to contemporary designs. These two dimensional carvings can be used in various forms to address various needs. New medias and creative approaches are explored daily. Contemporary architects use a variety of frieze panels that run in various levels of the wall height, both interior and exterior. Though the media is new, its vastly being explored and various claddings have been introduced as part of architectural highlights.

Some of our newer works in this category include complex full wall relief sculpture with various motifs. These decorative wall panels with various depths of relief will add beauty to any wall. Traditional or contemporary, we can create intricate designer concepts to suit anyone's needs.

Other relief sculpture works include etchings ranging simple signboards for residence to deeply carved three-dimensional decorative panels. They help to give a unique identity to a place and break the trend in an area. We specialize in creating unique name boards with customized motifs. A work of importance in this area is a massive monolithic signage measuring 20 feet x 7 feet x 2 feet exported to M/s. HESCO Bastion, United Kingdom weighing about 25 tons.

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Relief Works

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