In today's home design and landscaping, garden decor has become an integral part of the new age lifestyle. Today‚Äôs landscaping needs have branched from plant filled gardens to design based conceptual gardens.

ARTHA too has a great share in this new thought process. Right from different coloured pebbles, cobble stones to decorative pathways, all of these ideas need not be a dream anymore as all of them are possible at ARTHA. We create pathway design from neatly tiled pave ways to crazy patterns in different colour granite. All our designs are computerized and hence they precisely indicate the visual feel of your garden.

Our specialization in this section includes a large collection of planters and troughs. Any size of troughs in any shape can be custom made to suit your garden taking into consideration the garden theme and the space availability. Other hardscaping items we make include bird bowls, mushrooms, pergolas, animals, fountains, bollards, lanterns, benches and garden tables. We cater our skill and time to deliver a product best suited for your space and design. Any landscaping needs can be custom made to suit your projects.

Our recent creations include sculptures made from lime plaster-cement mix. These sculptures, which look antique, give a different feel to your garden and can be made to suit any design and size. This media was used to create the garden artwork at The Taj Green Cove at Kovalam, Kerala and at the Taj Residency, Bangalore, and both landscape projects of Made Wijaya of Bali, Indonesia, the world-renowned tropical landscapist.

Our other specialization includes new experiments in stone. One such feat is the bird balancing on its beak that involved sculptural skills and physics theories. The largest bird of this kind ever produced by our production house is installed at the Jindal Airport, Bellary, Karnataka, which has a wing span of 9 feet and weighing two ton.

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