Indian heritage is an unparalleled treasure trove of art, architecture and sculptural excellence. This fact can’t be denied as the entire span of land is spread with magnanimous feats of architecture and sculpture. From the Kushanas right to the Vijayanagara and Chola, the Indian Stone Heritage is filled with beautiful carvings sprawled on numerous architectural elements.

Temple architecture is ARTHA’s best arena of work. In this area, where our roots are traced, extensive research and creative designs have been carved. With years of designing expertise and carving experience, we believe we can deliver the best qualitative visual element. This we boldly claim having a close-knit team of master sculptors where we do everything from architectural drawing, cost estimation, planning and carving to assembly of stone temples as per traditional norms.

Temple architectural plans can be designed, strictly complying with various rules of traditional design having the complexity of the age-old tradition, to a modified adaptation of contemporary time. Having a team of qualified architects and draftsmen, any scale of temple structure can be conceptualized and complex permutations conceived based on detailed studies of individual taste and monetary capability in hand, without distorting the beauty and aesthetics of temple architecture. We will execute the conceptualized approved plan with 100% client satisfaction, an assurance from our heart to all those who believe in us.

The pinnacle of our temple building work is the "San Marga Iraivan Temple", a traditional Chola Style in Kauai, Hawaii, USA". Designed by Padma Bushan Dr. V.Ganapathy Stapathi, this unique piece of architectural excellence is highly ornamental and seen as a benchmark of today’s temple architecture by prominent temple builders for its strict compliance to traditional temple building concepts. A project of Saiva Siddhanta Church, initiated in 1989 by the American-born spiritual master, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami (1927-2001), this edifice and architectural wonder is now being completed under his successor, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylan Swami. Unique are its replicas of monolithic 10ft long stone chains, massive 12 feet tall yaali pillars and monolithic 22-ton capstone for the Rajagopuram only found in the ancient Chola Temples.

Since its inception in 1989 till date, a continuous process of temple carving is being carried out by over seventy sculptors, all of them hailing from the traditional Vishwakarma community attributed with generations of carving skills proven by innumerous ancient temples which still stand as an unshaken proof of this legacy.  Indeed it takes a village to build this temple.  Under the architectural guideline of master architect, Dr.V.Ganapathy Stapathy, this temple today is becoming a reality from the architectural & sculptural drawings of this genius architect, sculptor cum mathematical scholar to a near finishing reality. As the carving work reaches completion in India, the stones are regularly shipped in containers, securely crated, and they travel forty five days across the Pacific Ocean to reach the lush green isle of Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian island where the final form is taking shape!

This ongoing project is taking a beautiful shape with over eight years of assembly work executed by Indian craftsmen (shilpis) who have been privileged to finish the final touches of the architectural jointing work in USA.  Today over eighty percent of the temple is nearing completion and will take a couple of years more as this is a 100% hand carved temple consuming great hours of carving with high level of skill and patience.

Its a great experience in itself for Artha to be a part of this unique piece of architectural landmark which will one day speak a proud note of a great tradition of undefeated craftsmanship transformed from the east to the west as the first hand carved granite temple (from the flooring to the gopura) to be outside the Indian subcontinent.

Adding feathers to our temple building arena is a couple more stone temples, which are in various stages of work. These include a temple complex for the JSS Mahavidyapeetha in Suttur, Mysore, under the supervision of Sri Shivaratri Swamiji, in the city of Mysore, Karnataka state. This consists of three main sanctum (garbagudi) and a main temple complex with 23 feet load bearing pillars.

Another project still undergoing is the carving of 60 pieces monolithic massive 12 feet pillars weighing 2.5 ton each for the Rajagopuram complex of Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple of Sri Kailasha Ashrama Mahasamstana, Bangalore. Today, Sri Jeyandrapuri Swamiji, a great orator and scholar, is overseeing this project, which was the brainchild of Late Sri Sri Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal. Finally we have just completed a Mahadhyana Mandapam, measuring 35 feet by 35 feet for Srimad Yoganjaneya Trust, at Mandanapalle, Andhra Pradesh state.

Apart from stone temples, cement temples are our specialization too. They include a Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple for JSW Steel Limited at Bellary District, Karnataka, an Ashta Ganesha Temple at the Jain Residential School Campus at Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, a Ganesha Temple at The Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore and another a Devi temple at Kantanahalli, near Kunigal District of Karnataka to name a few. Many more temples are in the drawing and discussion stage planned in different localities.

In this area of work, we have a team of cement artists with highly experienced background working for several years and a set of master design artists who work on the finishing of various idols and ornamentation work that decorate the gopura and the roofline. Most of these artists are graduates in this field with good knowledge on the subject.

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