Indian sculpture has a great ancient evolution behind the stylistic qualities. Each king and each dynasty has evolved a unique style of workmanship and intricacy unique to this sub-continent in the world. In today’s world a lot of aesthetic elements have eroded in traditional sculpture due to monetary constrains and unqualified workmanship. At our worksite, every idol that’s being carved is carved with utmost perfection and beauty. We are dedicated to promote the best of sculpture to the world in its ancient originality and traditional mathematics. This is our way of honouring the great religion we belong and the faith, which has kept us successful till today.

Highly skilled carvers in our team come from different schools of art namely the Pallava, the Chola and the Hoysala styles. These schools have distinct design qualities different from one another. We have people who carve these different types with great ease. The Hoysala style statues are mostly adapted in the soft stone medium and the Pallava and Chola style statues are carved in black granite. All of these sculptors are highly qualified and graduates of sculpture colleges from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Some of our sculptures are in the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, New Zealand, Africa, United Kingdom and many more installed in various parts of the country. All statues are done in black granite (Krishna Shile) of the highest quality to last generations together.
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