The role of stone as architectural sculpture can be traced to primitive cultures.  The dramatic Egyptian architectural forms such as the pyramid & sphinx are marvels to mankind ever. Following this creative culture, the Romans due to availability of marble made a style, which were highly ornate and detailed. Till today these cultures have left a great impact in the modern architectural field.

At ARTHA, we truly respect and feel proud to be able to create the structural excellence and aesthetic reforms of the various prominent dynasties, which still stand the strength of time. All architectural sculptures have till today derived many stylistic features as well as structural aspects and adapted them to modern day construction. Under this broad heading of architectural sculpture, we attribute this section to the many elements of stone that blend in construction. They include pillars, pier-cap, lentils, fireplace, railings, wall caps, quoins, entrance arches, gateways, stone arches, flooring stones, door frames etc. All of these items can be designed and carved at our production centre.

Pillar designs from variant architectural roots, from the Doric, the Corinthian till the original Chettinad pillar fall in our expertise domain. Replicas of architectural feats can be produced with utmost similarity and new innovations are certainly our challenge. We have made some exceptional architectural sculptures like monolithic steps and steps scoped from massive 25 ton single natural boulders.

Specialized bathroom accessories such as washbasin and monolithic shower trays are frequently commissioned by our architect’s clients. These are specialized works that require a high perfection finishes, be it horned, polished, bush hammered or flamed, which we easily do at our production house.

Our other architectural features include monolithic and key stone joint archways. For example, the massive archway for STONA exhibition entrance weighing 35 tons commissioned by All India Granite & Stone Association (AIGSA) with a length of 40 ft and 18 ft high is a product of ARTHA.

We work a lot with various architects and artists to create new designs of stone items for interior design, which blends with the current need of the society. People are looking out for new dimensions in stone. Of lately stone has gained newer perspective. Products such as table stands, pooja mantaps (prayer altars) and many specialized interior decorative products always get developed in our studios and we make them with utmost quality.

Hence in the area of construction, architectural elements play a key role in lifting the design as the use of stone creates a unique balance between utility and structural need. Every new product can be designed and executed precisely in granite. Feel free to communicate your ideas and see it come to a reality in the shortest possible time at ARTHA.

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