“ARTHA”, is a vision developed to provide the best of art, sculpture and architecture in stone to the world. To reach newer horizons, “ARTHA” has constantly participated in various international exhibitions. The active participations include STONA 2002, STONA 2004 and STONA 2006. STONA is the 2nd largest Stone Exhibition in the world held biennially in Bangalore, Karnataka. Organized by the All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA), it’s a premier stone exhibition in the world stone trade. Participation in Shilpagram, a UNESO initiative in STONA Exhibition throughout the years has also been a key feature of our team.

Another exhibition was held at the Jindal South West at Bellary, Karnataka in the year 2005. Invited by the Jindals, ARTHA exhibited its product line at the Young Presidents Organizations (YPO) Meet, which was a meet of the top 25 young CEO / largest corporate / industrialists in the Indian Economy.

Unique to its core, ARTHA’s innovative efforts in transforming blocks of granite into utilitarian elements of artistic value are a magnificent test of thought and excellence in workmanship. This has been proven in its ability to bag the Best Innovative Hand Made Granite Products Award in the prestigious STONA 2002.  This exceptional proficiency identified at this event was just the beginning of an unparalleled motivated platform for the dedicated and devoted effort. Adding a little diamonds to this crown of monumental excellence was winning the Overall Best Granite Products Award in STONA 2004 and STONA 2006. So, what more need to be added about our expertise?

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